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Turn Your Science into
Commercial Success

Axetis understands the language of science,
enabling fluent communication with professionals
in all types of industry.

  • Science Marketing

    Product launches - Exhibitions - Promotions - Presentations - Workshops - Marketing Campaigns

  • Science Management

    Operations - Recruitment - Import/Export - Partnering - Sales - Business Development

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With the AxEmail campaign manager you are both designer and executor. No need for outside expertise. Create, send and perfect your email campaigns rapidly and with ease. Chose the right level of control, cost and convenience to suit your marketing needs.

Once you're up and running with the system, all you'll need to keep going is top up your email credits occassionally. Should you need an extra pair of hands with design, mailing lists, sending emails or just a few tips, we're always here to assist you.


Send Emails when you want, how you want

Using a system as powerful and simple to operate as AxEmail means you don't reply on anyone. From start to finish, the process is entirely in your hands.

Whether using a modified generic template or custom design, you simply:

  1. Drag, drop and type content into your customised template
  2. Prepare your mailing list
  3. Test your email for design and SPAM issues
  4. Schedule a delivery time or send immediately
  5. Check the numerous online reports for real-time feedback as recipients open your email. Use the data to develop and perfect subsequent campaigns.

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About Axetis

  • Who is Axetis?

    Axetis is a technically and commercially oriented marketing and management agency having first hand experience in the science and technology based industries. The agency originated in 2006 when a core Read More
  • We understand your business!

    You can find plenty of marketing firms knowledgable in graphic design and promotion. Of these however, few have any hands-on laboratory experience or relevant background in a scientific discipline that Read More
  • Clients we have worked with

    Axetis has worked with an extensive list of clients. Most are from within the biotech industry, a few from without. These are a few of the brands in our portfolio, Read More
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