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Turn Your Science into
Commercial Success

Axetis understands the language of science,
enabling fluent communication with professionals
in all types of industry.

  • Science Marketing

    Product launches - Exhibitions - Promotions - Presentations - Workshops - Marketing Campaigns

  • Science Management

    Operations - Recruitment - Import/Export - Partnering - Sales - Business Development

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Track all the clicks, opens, bounces and social sharing from your campaigns across the world in real time. See which technologies your email is viewed on and compare data over time to spot trends.

You'll have access to all kinds of informative statistics to help maximize each attempt and optimise the performance of future campaigns. These include a snapshot overview and the ability to compare with previous campaigns.

Cross check with Google analytics on your website to observe the resulting traffic and determine the marketing ROI for each campaign.


Summary of delivery peformance reports

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Email report: Campaign snapshot

Campaign Snapshot

Summary of campaign results to date

Email report: Link activity and overlay

Link Activity & Overlay

Which links were popular, who clicked

Email report: World view

World view

Real-time map of campaign activity

Email report: Social sharing and forwards

Social Sharing & Forwards

Who shared with friends

Email report: World view

Recipient Activity

Who opened and clicked, etc.

Email report: client useage

Email Client Usage

Which email clients are being used

Email report: Opens and clicks over time

Opens & Clicks Over Time

When did subscribers open and click

Email report: Bounce activity

Bounce Activity

Who didn't receive this and why


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About Axetis

  • Who is Axetis?

    Axetis is a technically and commercially oriented marketing and management agency having first hand experience in the science and technology based industries. The agency originated in 2006 when a core Read More
  • We understand your business!

    You can find plenty of marketing firms knowledgable in graphic design and promotion. Of these however, few have any hands-on laboratory experience or relevant background in a scientific discipline that Read More
  • Clients we have worked with

    Axetis has worked with an extensive list of clients. Most are from within the biotech industry, a few from without. These are a few of the brands in our portfolio, Read More
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