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Axetis is a technically and commercially oriented marketing and management agency having first hand experience in the science and technology based industries.

The agency originated in 2006 when a core team of personnel in biotechnology recognised a need by various science companies for tailored marketing and management solutions that ordinary agencies could not provide. Axetis was formed to answer that challenge, gathering the required expertise along the way.


Experience that counts

Axetis has worked with local and international players in the biotechnology arena and is accustomed to the challenges faced by industries involved with manufacturing, distribution, research and development. By harnessing an advisory network of local and global contacts spaning numerous fields and disciplines, Axetis brings the right combination of expertise to every project, creating tangible value for your business.


Core Strengths

  •  Professional standards
  •  Value for money
  •  Technical competence
  •  Experience in the field
  • Science and marketing expertise
  • Industry network connections


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