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All new accounts with Axetis receive 500 email credits free of charge and a modified generic template branded with your company logo. It's part of the Complete Start Email Campaign launch package, designed to get you started right away.


Free email credit

Every campaign incurrs a delivery charge and recipient charge. Axetis covers the 500 credit delivery charge for your first campaign so all you'll pay is the cost for the number of emails sent. Credits can be purchased anytime through a variety of methods.

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Free modifed email template

You won't need to spend hundreds on a highly customised email template. You can get started straight away by choosing one from our generic selection that we will brand with your logo and modify to suit your corporate colours.

Your new template is ready for use with our super easy drag-and-drop style content editor. This is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to get started. If a generic template is not exactly what you're after, choose one of these alternatives:

  • Request further modifications to your generic template, or
  • Provide your own template and use it exactly as is or have Axetis modify it to work with our content editor
  • Request Axetis to build you a fully customised template from scratch

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