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Importing and managing contacts is straight forward with the AxEmail campaign manager. Create as many email lists as you like and segment them into various regional or marketing categories.

Whenever recipients opt-in or opt-out, your lists are updated automatically. 


Methods for maintaining valid subscribers

You can grow your lists simply by copying and pasting in your contacts. Alternatively, import them straight from your spreadsheet helped by a user-friendly wizard.

Better still, your database can be linked directly to ours, enabling automatic syncing of your contacts. We offer integration with hundreds of CRM, accounting and eCommerce applications.

Remember that every contact in your lists requires permission to email them. Fortunately, subscribes and opt-outs are handled automatically by the system so you'll spend less time on the database, leaving more time for developing richer content and stronger marketing strategies.


Segment your lists to focus your marketing efforts

Categorise your lists into segments (such as country or industry) to further target your recipients. When launching your campaign you can merge lists together or select the relevant segments.


Providing opportunities to attract subscribers

By adding a subscribe form on your website, visitors can add themselvs to your mailing list. Tools like SumoMe can provide header bars and sliders that appear temporarily to capture your visitors interest. Axetis can inform you how to create enticing incentives and simple opt-in strategies to grow your email lists.

Exploit the power of social media and email forwarding to spread your influence. The content editor lets you easilly add Facebook, Twitter, and other social applications to promote the sharing of your campaigns. 

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