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Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Target Your Customers Directly

Email continues to be one of the most direct and cost effective tools for marketing. Axetis provides a simple yet powerful system to create, send and manage your campaigns along with a wide range of services to ensure success. Best of all, it won't put a large dent in your marketing budget.

Start with a customised template, insert content you can personalise for each customer, test the design, manage your mailing lists and schedule a launch time. Then analyse the delivery results as you watch the hit rate on your website climb.

Complete Start Email Campaign

Start emailing with free credit and a branded email template

Email Credits Top-up

Top-up your email credits on demand

Email Campaign Services

Assistance with email design, mailing lists and launch

Email Benefits

  • Total Control with Self-Managed Campaigns With the AxEmail campaign manager you are both designer and executor. No need for outside expertise. Create, send and perfect your email campaigns rapidly and with ease. Chose the right level of control, cost and convenience to suit your marketing needs. Read More
  • Free Credit and Template with your First Campaign All new accounts with Axetis receive 500 email credits free of charge and a modified generic template branded with your company logo. It's part of the Complete Start Email Campaign launch package, designed to get you started right away. Read More
  • Content Editing with Drag and Drop Simplicity Design and edit content with ease in your own custom branded template. Our powerful yet elegant content editor makes it easy to create enticing and professional emails. Read More
  • Automatically Maintained Subscriber Lists Importing and managing contacts is straight forward with the AxEmail campaign manager. Create as many email lists as you like and segment them into various regional or marketing categories. Whenever recipients opt-in or opt-out, your lists are updated automatically.  Read More
  • Accurate preflight testing and optimisation Testing is crucial to ensure your email campaign arrives in your recipients' inbox as intended. It is important to test not just for design issues but also the possibility of your email being filtered out by firewalls and SPAM filters. Read More
  • Informative real-time delivery results Track all the clicks, opens, bounces and social sharing from your campaigns across the world in real time. See which technologies your email is viewed on and compare data over time to spot trends. You'll have access to all kinds of informative statistics to help maximize each attempt and optimise the performance of future campaigns. These include a snapshot overview and the ability to compare with previous campaigns. Read More
  • Beautiful and Versatile Templates Start your campaign by choosing one of our professionaly designed, mobile friendly templates. Within minutes you can turn one into a launch-ready work of art using our drag and drop email builder. Use them to launch targeted campaigns like marketing offers, product announcements, newsletters, or event promotions. Read More
  • A / B Testing Your Email Campaigns You can maximise the effectiveness of your campaign prior to launching it by running a split test, also known as an A/B test. This is done by creating two alternate versions (A and B), each sent to a small separate subset of your recipient list. The results are monitored over a given period of time to determine which one triggers the greatest number of clicks and opens. The winning version is then sent to the remainder of the recipients in your list. Read More
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Email FAQs

  • Can I practice with a demo account before deciding?

    Definitely. Use the login panel in the sidebar with the demo login details provided.

    You will enter our Create/Send system and will be able to create a test campaign using one of our generic templates. Following a walk-thru wizard you'll learn how to set up your campaign, edit its content and manage your subscription lists.

    Read More
  • How do I create and manage an email campaign?

    At its simplest, executing an email camapaign involves:

    1. Selecting an email template
    2. Adding or editing content
    3. Previewing your email and running a test (optional)
    4. Preparing your mailing list
    5. Setting a launch time or sending immediately
    6. Viewing your post-delivery reports


    For more information on the above keypoints, continue reading:

    Read More
  • Can Axetis assist me with managing my campaigns?

    Yes we can. Although the campaign manager enables you to handle every aspect of creating, executing and analysing your email campaigns successfully, we are here to assist whenever needed.

    Situations when you might need assistance could arise when you are:

    • Unsure how to perform certain functions in the system
    • Low on time and require an extra pair of hands
    • In need of more knowledge about the capabilities of the system before proceeding yourself


    To ask for assistance on this topic, complete a quote request at Email Campaign Services, or contact us using our general inquiry form.

    Read More
  • How can I measure the success of my campaign?

    From the moment your campaign is launched you can start monitoring live data on it's progress from the reports area of your account. These reports show trends that let you assess performance and optimise the effectiveness of future campaigns. Included in these reports are a snapshot overview and the ability to compare with previous campaigns.

    You can even track your email's effectiveness at bringing traffic to your website through Google Analytics. You'll be able to chart the navigation path of visitors through your site who arrived via your email, and obtain the conversion rate of sales and inquires as a direct result when correctly configured. In this way you can acurately determine the return on investment for each camapign you launch.


    Continue reading about the type of reports and data available:

    Read More
  • How are unsubscribes handled?

    Every email campaign you send has to have an instant unsubscribe link (if your email template doesn't have one it will be added automatically for you). For an explanation of how that unsubscribe link works and what happens to people who have unsubscribed, please read this document

  • How do I avoid my emails getting blocked by filters?

    While there's no doubt a well designed page of HTML with graphics can make a solid impact, sadly not everyone will get to view your campaign as it was intended, if at all. Emails are at the mercy of firewalls, filters and clients' permission settings.

    Most of the major email clients such as Outlook and Gmail have image viewing turned off by default. A small percentage of clients do not even permit HTML based email to get through at all, and for the rest that do it's been shown that as much as 30% of recipients are not actually aware images are being blocked.

    Read More
  • What permission do I need before sending to subscribers and how do I obtain it?

    Axetis complies with the highest standards of email laws and etiquette and we expect the same of our clients. Following the anti SPAM regulations will help keep your emails relevant to your target audience while minimizing delivery expense and risk of unsubsriptions.

    For an explanation of our requirements please review our guidelines about permission.

  • What are email credits used for?

    Email credits are the currency used for sending your campaigns. The credits in your account pay for each email you send, as well as the delivery fee and any SPAM / Design testing performed.

    Sending to five or less recipients is free. You'll only pay when you send to more than five recipients.

  • What is the free starting bonus for Email campaigns?

    To express our gratitude for becoming an email campaigner with Axetis, all new customers receive a one-time-only 500 credit starting bonus at no charge. This covers the delivery component fee for a single campaign, applicable when sending to more than five recipients. You will still need to purchase additional credits for every email sent, just one credit per email.

  • How do I pay for email campaigns?

    There are two ways of paying for email campaigns:

    1. Purchase email credits and manage your own camapigns.
      Self-managed campaigns is the more popular method among our customers.
      You can buy credits at any time and check the level in your account. Once purchased, email credits never expire. To purchase more credits, log into your AxEmail account and use your credit card. Alternatively, send Axetis a quote request for Email credits.
    2. Instruct Axetis to prepare and send campaigns for you.
      With this option you do not require credits. After the campaign is sent you will receive an invoice.


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