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Flash Movies & Animation Animated diagrams for science & promotion.. Product #: MA01 In Stock

Flash Movies & Animation

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Make your illustrations come to life

Using digital media, many concepts in science and engineering can be demonstrated more vividly through animated illustration. Chemical mechanisms, biological interactions, geological events and equipment operation are some examples.

Whether you need a quick five second sequence or a sofisticated five minute feature, Axetis can produce your animation and have it loaded into your website or powerpoint presentation to wow your audience. Better still, add some interactive objects to make the experience even more rewarding.

Nothing draws the eye like movement on a static screen, enabling animated Web Banners to leap off the page and make an effective means of promotion for your website.

Standard Conditions
Editing rounds Standard (3 rounds)
Design brief Supplied by client
Standard Options (by request)
Unlimited editing No limit to number of minor edits
Open brief Axetis will present fresh design concepts

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