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Handbooks & User Manuals Instructional documents with descriptive procedures.. Product #: DD03 In Stock

Handbooks & User Manuals

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Lead Your Customers Through Step by Step

In science and medical manufacturing even the simplest products require clear (and preferably illustrated) useage instructions to lessen the learning curve. Whether providing the instructions online or in a manual that ships with the product, your customers will benefit greatly from a well set out procedure.

Axetis has produced user manuals for various laboratory apparatus and reagent systems. We can optimize your procedure guidelines for preferred viewing in print or digital media.


What's inlcuded

Axetis supplies you with the print-ready pdf files when completed, embedded with the necessary fonts, images and settings your printer needs to render the finished artwork. Axetis can also handle ordering and delivery of your printed designs as an additional service. The editable templates and source files are not included with the deliverables, however, these can be purchased separately.

Standard Conditions
Editing rounds Standard (3 rounds)
Design brief Supplied by client
Print / production management Ordering & liaison with manufacturer handled by client independently
Source files All working files remain the intellectual property of Axetis and are not included as part of the deliverables except by agreement
Standard Options (by request)
Unlimited editing No limit to number of minor edits
Open brief Axetis will present fresh design concepts
Include printing and delivery Ordering & liaison with manufacturer handled by Axetis
Include source files and templates Specific intellectual property with usage license can be purchased on request

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