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Logos and Corporate ID A unique graphic insignia designed to represent your brand.. Product #: DE01 In Stock

Logos and Corporate ID

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An identity to be proud of

A logo should be attractive and easilly recognised but need not be fancy or spectacular. Designed correctly, it uniquely identifies your business and makes a statement about such things as attitude, sincerity, integrity and beliefs.

All of these are expressed through nuance of line, shape, colour, font, theme and concept. The beholder often does not see the subtleties, working together subconciously to make a lasting impression.

Logos occur in various configurations. They may contain a symbol, a stylized word, or both together. They might have a tagline, used separately or as part of the logo. There is no limit to the variation of style and imagination found in logos. Our main challenge is to identify what works best for your business.


Building your corporate identity

Logos often set the tone for your entire corporate identity. In visual terms all of your marketing collateral must harmonise with your logo. This dependency is most apparent on items of simple design such as letterhead and business cards, which typically embody elements influenced by your logo.

Your logo therefore is only part of the whole picture. Too many companies use a logo without having set styling rules to define the look and feel of their marketing materials. This leads to inconsistent designs and a weak brand.

For companies with a logo they indend to keep, Axetis will devise a corporate theme that extrapolates upon that design and is readilly applied to new materials. Where no logo exists, we go right back to basics to create a brand that fits your corporate image and positions your business accordingly.

Finally, to maintain consistent visual identity we recommend having a corporate styleguide assembled for your business, to be used like a bible whenever and wherever your logo and branding elelments are applied.

Standard Conditions
Editing rounds Standard (3 rounds)
Design brief Supplied by client
Source files All working files remain the intellectual property of Axetis and are not included as part of the deliverables except by agreement
Standard Options (by request)
Unlimited editing No limit to number of minor edits
Open brief Axetis will present fresh design concepts
Include source files and templates Specific intellectual property with usage license can be purchased on request

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