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Web Extensions

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* Advanced web extensions:
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These options represent some of the more frequently requested web extensions. Many others are available.

To explore the wide range of web extensions available, see the Joomla Extensions Directory.

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Add more functionality to your website

Extensions (also known as Add-ons) add extra functionality to your website. Blogs, forums, calendars and image galleries are just some examples.

All new websites designed by Axetis are offered one free Standard extension from the list indicated on the website product pages. However, there's no limit to the number of extensions you can have. Explore the variety on this page and think about your site's objectives.

Whilst discussing your web proposal, Axetis will advise of any add-ons you may need to achieve your website's goals. If budget and time frame are restrictive you can always add more later.


Special considerations

Some web extensions can be implemented as variations, resulting in more than one instance on your site. Forms are a good example. When multiple forms are required, each is regarded as a separate variation of the same extension. The cost for implementing your extension depends on the number of variations and the amount of content or developoment needed. To provide an accurate quote therefore we may need to obtain further information from you.


Choosing your extensions

The most popular CMS platforms attract hoards of developers producing all types of extensions. Joomla, our CMS of choice has literally hundreds to choose from and the choice can be baffling. They are organised within subcategories which in turn belong to categories. As a client, all you need to do is describe to us the activity or goal you require. Axetis will scour the Joomla Extensions directory to identify the most suitable extension for you.

This figure displays the primary categories available on the Joomla Extension Directory. You are welcome to vist the directory yourself and explore the options for yourself.


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