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Routine Website Maintenance Let Axetis manage your website.. Product #: WS05 In Stock

Routine Website Maintenance

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Let Axetis manage your website

Managing a website is an important but time consuming task. Larger websites may need frequent checking or adjustment, especially when the traffic or inquiry rate is high. Axetis provides the following services to assist:

  • Menu and link management
  • Content revision and editing
  • User management and security
  • Search engine optimisation

These services can be performed as a one-off task or on a routine basis. Simply select your required tasks and the period of recurrence. For maintenance on a single website, leave Qnty as 1.

Responding to client queries remains your responsibility. Axetis is not accountable for any lapse in communication with visitors via your website.


Other web maintenance functions

On a less regular basis your site may require any of these tasks, available from our Website Tune-up service.

  • System Upgrade
  • System Backup / Restore
  • System Cleanup
  • System Repair

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